5 ways to Change Brightness On Windows 10 Screen

Adjust screen brightness in Windows 10

The brightness of the screen is an important factor when it comes to working on any electronic device. Most modern devices including laptops, computers and smartphones let the user change brightness to custom levels. Adjusting …

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Download and Install Java 8 Update 251

Installing Java

Oracle released its April Critical Security Updates (CFU) for all its products, including Java. A total of 397 vulnerabilities have been fixed of which 15 were in Java which got updated to Java 8 Update …

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Download Firefox 75 Offline Installers

Firefox 75

Although Microsoft Edge crossed Firefox in usage terms, Firefox keeps on improving and concentrating on an already existing loyal audience. Mozilla has just released Firefox 75 fixing a couple of 0-day exploit fixes and some …

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The Complete Guide To Windows 10 Themes

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Windows 10 themes are used to personalize your PC according to your taste and customize different visual aspects of the Operating System. Themes have been an integral part of Windows 10 since Windows 2000 and …

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