How To Enable Accent Themes In Microsoft Edge

One of the main customization features in Vivaldi browser is their auto-changing theme according to the website accent. Although Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge provide a lot of options for theme installation through their respective stores, I still like the way Vivaldi themes work.

Microsoft Edge 89 comes with the new accent color themes support in the browser. The accent themes will change the color of the browser. The browser theme color will match the color of your choice, making it a more readable and better browsing experience.

Accent themes are a better choice if you want to enable the dark mode but don’t like black or gray shades. You can choose other dark colors that are less annoying to the eyes but are not blackish.

What is an accent theme?

Accent color refers to the color scheme used in key visual parts of the browser such as the header, statusbar tabs, buttons, panels, navigation and other HTML elements like input text, cursor, checkboxes etc..

The theme that uses a specific accent color is called accent theme. The biggest example of an accent theme is the dark mode which turns the accent elements black and white.

Enable Accent Themes in Microsoft Edge

Since this is an experimental feature at the time of this writing, you will need to download Microsoft Edge Canary 89 and follow the steps below.

  1. Open Microsoft Edge and go to the following URL:
  2. Enable the option
  3. Go to edge://settings/appearance
  4. Select your theme color from pre-defined themes
Microsoft Edge Accent Themes settings

The default theme is system-default. You can select Light or Dark from the drop-down menu and change the accent of the theme to the color of your choice.

If you like more colorful themes for your browser, you can also download themes from Microsoft Edge Addon Store or Google Chrome Store.

Do you use themes in your browser? What primary browser do you use for work?

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